Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank God for good friends!

I know all of you guys who have read this or is just reading this right now has a best friend or a friend that they can go to and talk to no matter the circumstance! Well the only reason why I'm saying that is because I am blessed to say that I have a few of those and one of them is my buddy David. I wanted to thank him for everything he's done for me! This kid, man I tell ya has such a heart for God and it amazes me that passion that he carries out! He also just is an amazing ladies...haha jk! On the serious side though, I just love this kid! We have known each other since the 6th grade. At camp to be specific! And I remember I was such a dork back then...and still one today, but I remember at the end of camp when we went back to school, I asked him to be my friend and he was like sure! haha Man those were some good times! But Me and him just had this really intense convo and man do i feel awesome inside. Its one of them conversations where as soon as your done talking, you just just like man I AM SO PUMPED! And that's exactly how i feel right now! Can I say i am glad to have that brotha in my life! He is such a good friend and above all else i look at him as family! And I do pray for you guys as well, that God does put friends like that in your life who can speak into it and that can be there for you! The point of this blog is that i just wanted to share with you guys how awesome friendships can be! Especially ones that can make you grow! Ones that will always be there for you no matter what the circumstance is! Well that's it for me tonight! Thanks for reading up! PEaCe! BE bLeSSeD!

Some pics of Nicaragua '09

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taking a Risk!

Yeah that's me! ----->
I know crazy right! We were at a beach the other day for the labor day weekend and we found these HUGE dunes that had like these 15-18 feet drop and I guess we were just feeling a little daring that day! What a Rush!!!!

I remember before I was jumping off, I was just thinking that man I could really wreck myself. But if i did it, it would be so much fun and the fear of being scared to jump off would be gone! Next thing you knew, the countdown began in my head, 3, 2, 1, and i was off to jump! Sometimes, often we don't want to throw ourselves out because we think we might have to much to lose or we will just get hurt. I mean in my case, i probably could have gotten hurt haha but in different circumstances, we have to take the risk! Don't be driven by fear but take the chance and go for it! I tell you, when i made that jump it was like the best feeling ever! Don't look back on things and regret! Take the chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What last night and today looked like. 09-10-09/09-11-09

So Here we Go, 2nd post i did it! I just got back in from detroit today! We went to an awesome college group called the gathering which is led by an awesome man of God name Dominic Russo, which who also led the mission trip i went on this year. The message That God Laid upon his heart was about Bitterness, All of our insecurities that the enemies tells us and what this world feeds us, and also Our past. I don't know about you guys, but there are so many things that this world tries to offer me and give me a "TEMPORARY" happiness. And its so easy to get distracted, and that's the plan of the enemy, ONLY BECAUSE, the devil knows that you have a Strong calling on your life and he will do whatever to make it not happen. Second, Our Insecurities. We all have insecurities and ill be first to tell you that there are times that i do think about my flaws. But In God, we are made in His Image! We have nothing to be insecure about. I know that this world and our society throws us the image of how we are suppose to look like and if we don't we are failures and is worth nothing. But I say to you that you Have so much more potential in you! God sees us as so much more then we think and He has a Huge plan for you and I, so its time to stop listening to the lies that we have listened to our whole lives and start standing on the word of God and be Conquerors. And Last but not least, Our Past. We as human beings, we are not perfect and mess up! Trust me, I will be the first to admit that i mess up all the time! I probably just messed up now not knowing that i did! lol but honestly, We can't look at our past and beat ourselves up for it! Why do you think that Jesus spread his arms upon that cross??? It was for our sins! Everything that we did, he took up with him on that cross and died for our sins! If we think that our sins is too big for God to forgive, then we are saying that Christ died for no reason and we are taking the power of the cross away from it. We have to stop replaying and to start pre-playing. And what i mean by that is we have to start thinking positive. Believe that we will succeed and will fulfill the Plans God has for us. God wants us to be prosperous in life and have a blessed life so its time to focus on the things He has for us! So many times we keep thinking on the past and not focus on the future. And that can draw us away from what God wants to do with us! Understand that we have so much more to live for on this earth! God sent his only Beloved Son to shed his blood for our sins. An undeserving Love that I am so Grateful for. And that's why I'm sitting here writing to you guys! Here me out. We all have a purpose and a calling. And its up to you to search for it! Ask and you will receive. Matthew 7:7. I Hope this is an encouragement to you guys, just as it was to me and hope it blesses you! Anymore ?'s Just holla at me!

-Ok soo all of this took place in Detroit, well i think the oakland area which is like 2 and a hlaf hours away from where I'm at. So that was the highlight of my Thursday night! Oh and I won in H.O.R.S.E. They thought they were going to beat me guess who ended up on top! You know how I do. haha Actually I just got really lucky! But After the gathering, we ended up going back to Sarah's place to play some drawing game which was actually really fun and man I remembered I was laughing so hard I started choking on the ice cream haha. But To end the night, we watched Pearl Harbor. We stayed up til like 4 in the morning I think. CRAZINESS! Well the ones who stayed up and actually watched it was just me, Jordan and Hudson which is there dog! haha Then we had a meeting at 10:30 the next morning so we had like 5 hours of sleep. I felt so beat when I woke up this morning! After the meeting, we had Coney Island which is like this hot-dog place which was pretty on point w/ some of the peeps from the "D-town". Praise God for delicious food :)! But that pretty much summarizes last night and today besides the fact that as soon as i got back i had to work til ten! So Not going to lie. I'M TIRED! That means....I'm hitting the sack right about...NOW! Take care and be blessed!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogging again!

I find myself at 2:32 a.m. still creating this blog and still not finish all the way with it yet lol! / But just wanted to let you guys know that I'm just starting to blog back up again so hope you guys keep checking it out! I promise you guys these blogs will get better! Keep in touch with me! Be Blessed!